Frequently asked questions

Will this course always get new content?

Yes! This course is constantly being updated with new and valuable info. The price might go up, but if you own it, you own it forever.

What about ongoing support?

We hold LIVE Q&A sessions in the community regularly for an interactive learning experience that teaches you exactly what you ask. You can also ask any question at any time in the community or comment on a specific video in the course with questions.

What if I don't understand something?

There is always support in our Facebook community! Our helpful members are from all over the world so it's active 24/7 and Austen personally replies to as many questions as possible. You will always have help!

I have been filming for a while, will I learn anything?

Yes, there are filmmaking veterans who have worked in Hollywood that learned from this course, and they are actively learning from and helping the community to this day. Watch the testimonials for an example.

I am BRAND NEW to filmmaking, can I learn from this?

Yup! All of the content is carefully explained so members of any experience level will be able to follow along.

Can I buy the Amythest Plan and cancel after a month?

This plan is a courtesy for those who cannot afford the full amount at once, if you do not finish your payments you will be removed from the course.